Our goal is to simplify business administration by making all companies 100% digital.
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You’ll have access to your whole portfolio in the dashboard
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Stay focused
One platform to manage all your boards
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Be organised
Meeting protocols and signed documents in one place!
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Why you should use BizBot:

There are many things that you can improve by automationg and simplyfing business administration in your company.

We are working with BDO and they have over 40k customers
The platform has an open API and SDK, which allows to build custom apps.
You own you app and you can make money it in exchange for a small cut
Reduce time to market and cost by 50-70% with our modules and focus on the code that creates value
User onboard with one click and pay with another click. More apps gives more users and better stickiness
If you dont have any ideas, ask us. We have plenty of ideas from our users.